The SJIB and SELECT issue reminder about abusive and aggressive behaviour towards staff

The SJIB and SELECT have issued a joint reminder that aggression towards their staff will not be tolerated.

The warning comes after recent incidents of abusive callers, including one where a young staff member was left extremely upset after being sworn at by an operative.

Both bodies have now reminded Members that they take a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour and will escalate the issue to employers if required.

Alan Wilson, Managing Director of SELECT, said: “We strongly condemn any form of abuse or aggression towards our colleagues, who should not have to put up with such behaviour.

“We understand that people can become frustrated when they feel that matters aren’t being dealt with as they might wish, but if that anger escalates into aggression, that is unacceptable and simply won’t be tolerated.

“Such behaviour can include language that may cause our staff to feel afraid or threatened, and includes swearing, threats, personal verbal abuse and derogatory remarks.”

Phone calls to both the SJIB and SELECT will now be monitored, and staff will end conversations if they consider the caller to be aggressive or offensive.

If abuse from an individual persists, the SJIB and SELECT will consider escalating the matter to their employer.

Fiona Harper, The Secretary of the SJIB, added: “Our staff work incredibly hard to help operatives and in return they have the right to carry out their job in peace.

“Unfortunately we have endured a number of unpleasant incidents recently, and while most callers are patient and understanding, these isolated incidents are upsetting for staff and must be addressed.”