ECS rules on invigilation

The invigilator is paramount to the successful implementation of the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment and is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the process. This guidance provides invigilators with information and instructions which will ensure the assessment is conducted in the appropriate manner.

It is important that employers read the following guidelines and ensure that the Rules for Invigilation are communicated to all invigilators and are adhered to at all times.

Invigilators must complete and return the ECS Health and Safety Invigilator’s Declaration to the SJIB (Please see Invigilator’s Declaration).

Any invigilators who are found by the SJIB to be guilty of any impropriety will be removed from the Invigilators Register. Additionally, any assessments that have been overseen by the invigilator concerned may be invalidated, thus forcing the candidates concerned to retake their assessment at their employer’s cost.


All assessment centres, regardless of the method of assessment being offered, must have adequate facilities to run the assessments. A room large enough to comfortably seat the number of candidates simultaneously undertaking the assessment must be provided. The room should be closed off during the period of the assessment. The assessment should take place in the employer’s time.


One or more suitable invigilators must be identified, and their names forwarded to the SJIB for approval. Invigilators should be suitably qualified and experienced people whose integrity may be relied upon. These would be individuals of suitable standing within the organisation for example HR Managers, Line Managers, Wage Clerks, Trade Union Representatives etc, or a course trainer conducting the assessment on completion of an assessed Health and Safety training course. Invigilators are required to sign declarations confirming that they will comply with the SJIB Rules for Invigilation (Please see attached ECS Health and Safety Invigilator’s Declaration form). This need only be completed once unless a new invigilator is appointed.

Rules for invigilation

The invigilator is paramount to the successful implementation of the ECS Health and Safety Assessment and also to maintaining the integrity of the assessment. It must be impressed on the invigilators that they are acting as a representative of the employer or the industry, in terms of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 in which the employer is responsible for ensuring the competence of his workers. The invigilator may of course be a course trainer who conducts the assessment on completion of a training course.

Candidates must be given at least two weeks’ notice in order that they can prepare for the assessment. Employers should direct candidates to where they can view the questions and answers or, if they do not have access to the internet, employers could print off the questions and answers that candidates could refer to. Alternatively, employers can order an ECS Health and Safety Question and Answer Study Booklet when they complete the ECS Request Application form or by logging on to the Publications section of the website.

The assessment is a closed book assessment and, as such, an invigilator must ensure there are no aids in the room when the assessment is undertaken. This is particularly important where the assessment is carried out at the end of a training course – all course materials should be removed prior to the assessment being undertaken.

The only conversation that should take place during the assessment is between the invigilator and the candidate and that must be limited to the subject of the procedure of the assessment. Candidates should not be allowed to converse with each other while anyone in the room is undertaking the assessment and should be instructed to remain silent until everyone has finished. It is important to note that the invigilator is present throughout the assessment; they should not leave the room.

Instructions for invigilators

During the assessment, invigilators must:

  • Verify the identity of the candidate before starting the assessment
  • Give the candidates their assessment instructions (cover page) and assessment paper and advise them not to open the papers until directed
  • Ensure the candidates check their name and National Insurance number recorded on the cover page of the assessment are correct. If there are any errors they should correct these by putting a line through the mistake and entering in the correct details
  • Allow the candidates time to read the instructions and ensure they do not look at the assessment paper until all the candidates understand the procedure and any questions have been answered
  • Inform the candidates they have up to 30 minutes to complete the assessment
  • Ensure the start and stop times are clearly stated to the candidates and they understand that there is no talking once the assessment has begun
  • Instruct the candidates to read the questions very carefully before they select their answers
  • Inform the candidates that if they finish the assessment early they should sit quietly until the invigilator states otherwise
  • Inform the Candidates that the assessments will be returned to the SJIB who will mark the assessments and issue the results and Pass Certificate (if applicable) via email within 15 working days.

Each assessment is unique to the individual and must not under any circumstances be copied or completed by any other candidate. If this occurs, the assessment will be invalidated.

Invigilator must be aware of any candidate who has special needs. For example, someone who has forgotten his or her glasses – in this instance you can read the questions and potential answers to the candidate and mark the answers as appropriate. In some instances, it may be more appropriate to conduct the candidate’s assessment on their own rather than as part of a group.

Employers must communicate the outcome of the assessments to candidates within two weeks of receiving the certificates and letters.

Employers must ensure that they provide additional training to candidates who fail the assessment and that they should fund the first resit.

Invigilator’s Declaration

Before invigilating an ECS assessment, invigilators are required to sign and return the form below.