ECS employer’s guide

Apprentice being guided by senior member of staff

This guidance provides information on:

  • Process and time scales
  • Rules on invigilation
  • Instructions for Invigilators
  • Invigilator’s Declaration
  • Request Application
  • SJIB GDPR Privacy Notice

The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) became affiliated to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) on 1 December 2001. This was part of a drive to have the entire construction industry workforce carrying the appropriate skill cards. This initiative was introduced to ensure that all those who work in the industry are fully competent and to help improve health and safety standards in the industry.

It is important that employers read the following guidelines and ensure that the Rules for Invigilation are communicated to all invigilators and are adhered to at all times.

Invigilators must complete and return the ECS Health and Safety Invigilator’s Declaration to the SJIB. Any invigilators who are found by the SJIB to be guilty of any impropriety will be removed from the Invigilators Register. Additionally, any assessments that have been overseen by the invigilator concerned may be invalidated, thus forcing the candidates concerned to retake their assessment at their employer’s cost.

All ECS Health and Safety Assessments are valid for three months; this information will be detailed on the front of the Instructions for Candidates page on each assessment paper. Any assessments returned after this date will be null and void.

Employers who order assessment papers for operatives who later leave the company and have not completed the assessment can request a refund by ticking the void box on the Instructions for Candidates page of the assessment paper and returning the paper to the SJIB. Refunds will not be issued for assessments that have exceeded the three-month expiry date.

Employers can request the return of completed assessments in order that they can establish areas of weaknesses for individuals who failed the assessment. Each assessment is unique to the individual and must not under any circumstances be copied or completed by any other candidate. If this occurs the assessment will be invalid.

To order ECS Health, Safety and Environmental assessments, please complete the application, scan, and email to
We do not accept photographed applications, please either scan and email to us or alternatively post to the SJIB, please ensure that the correct postage is applied.


The SJIB will not process any ECS Request Application form until it is in receipt of payment. If you have any queries regarding the process, contact the SJIB on 0131 445 9216.