Handbooks and SJIB Documents

From this page, you can download the SJIB handbook or individual sections of it to refer to. We also have guides and applications for the CEC Scheme, adult trainee and apprentice training scheme brochures and other useful documents.

The SJIB Handbook 2020

Download the full SJIB handbook or individual sections.

CEC Scheme

Crediting Electrotechnical Competence (CEC) Scheme, guidance for employers and candidates.

Cover of the CEC Scheme Guide for Employers and Candidates

Apprentice and adult training scheme brochure

Find out more about becoming an apprentice, or joining our adult training scheme by downloading the brochure below.

Apprentice and adult training scheme guide

Learn more about the SJIB apprentice and adult training schemes in our guide

Cover Aprentice and Adult Training Schemes Guide

HSE Assessment revision guide 2021

This guide contains all the questions that can be used in the awareness assessment, along with the correct answers and, if applicable, a brief explanation of the answer.

Statement of particulars forms

Use the links below to download this year’s statement of particulars form for your operatives, adult trainees and apprentices.

Craftsman certificates

If you completed your apprenticeship through the SJIB Apprentice Scheme, download this form to apply for a replacement Craftsman Certificate.

Update/Replace Existing ECS Card

This application is to update or replace your current ECS Card only – for example if you have additional qualifications that you wish to be added to your ECS card, or your ECS card has been lost or stolen.

Please ensure to return this form with a passport style photograph and payment.

This form cannot be used to renew or upgrade your ECS card.