SJIB National Rates & Allowances 2024

Operative gradeEffective 01/01/2024Effective 01/01/2024
Approved Electrician£17.05£19.41
Approved Electricians Responsibility Money – From 10p to £1.00

Adult TraineesEffective 01/01/2024Effective 01/01/2024
Stage 1            £11.99£14.37
Stage 2£13.20£15.22
Stage 3£14.75£17.01
Approved Electricians Responsibility Money – From 10p to £1.00
ApprenticesEffective 01/01/2024Effective 01/01/2024
                   At workAt college
Stage 1£6.40£6.40
Stage 2£8.60£8.60
Stage 3£10.87£10.18
Stage 3: FICA£12.42£11.65

Apprentices become FICA eligible once:

  • They have completed a minimum of 12 months in Stage 3.
  • They have attended and completed the Inspection and Testing week at an approved centre (SVQ week).
  • They have documented and completed site activities through the Site Activity Portfolio (SAP) or OneFile ePortfolio, and these have been signed off by a SECTT Training Officer.
  • The Candidate Achievement Record (CAR) has been signed off.
  • The employer has completed and returned the FICA Declaration to SECTT.
  • The SJIB has notified the employer that the Apprentice has progressed from Stage 3 to Stage 3 FICA.

Note: The SJIB Wage Rates for Apprentices are negotiated and agreed by the SJIB National Board. The SJIB contractual rates apply to all Apprentices, regardless of age during the first 12 months of the apprenticeship. After the first 12 months, when the National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage is higher than the negotiated rates, the National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage will take precedence, depending on the age of the Apprentice. The current age-based National Minimum Wage rates can be found in the SJIB Circular – National Minimum Wage Rates.

Lodging allowances & retention payments

The following rates are effective from 01/01/2024:

Rate per night
Lodging Allowance£49.27
Lodging Retention£16.21
Weekend Retention£49.27

Mileage allowance and mileage rate

The transport allowances below apply to Operatives, Adult Trainees and Apprentices, and have been effective since 06/01/2020:

Millage allowance (own transport)Millage rate (transport provided)
0-15 milesNilNil
More than 15 miles£0.22£0.12
First call-out£20.00£20.00
Subsequent call-out, same rest period£10.00£10.00

With effect from Monday, 2 January 2023, the calculation of the actual distance between the shop and the job will be by way of the fastest route using the RAC Route Planner.

Note: Mileage Allowance/Rate is payable to employees who are being paid Travel Rate and are travelling in their own time. Mileage Allowance is payable to Operatives and Apprentices who use their own transport from the Shop to their place of work and is free of tax. Mileage Rate is payable to Operatives and Apprentices where transport is provided, and this rate is subject to the appropriate rate of income tax. Please refer to the National Working Rules for taxation information.

Weekly Sick Pay in addition to SSP for Operatives & Adult Trainees

With effect from Monday, 1 January 2024, weekly Sick Pay in addition to SSP will increase as follows:

TechnicianApproved ElectricianElectricianLabourer & Adult Trainee
Weeks 1 and 2NilNilNilNil
Weeks 3 to 24£210.00£200.00£190.00£180.00
Weeks 25 to 52£105.00£100.00£95.00£90.00

Weekly Sick Pay in addition to SSP for Apprentices

The first three daysNil
Thereafter to week 12£15.00

Note: Apprentice Sick Pay is payable at the appropriate rate for an aggregate period of 12 weeks in any consecutive 12 months.

Welfare Benefits

The Welfare Benefits for 2024 are:

Benefits 2024Operatives & Adult TraineesApprentices
Death Benefit£30,000£10,000
Accidental Death Benefit (On-Site)£70,000£25,000
Total Accidental Death Benefit (On-Site)£100,000 (£30,000 + £70,000)£35,000 (£10,000 + £25,000)
Permanent and Total Disability Benefit Up to £50,000Up to £10,000
Accidental Dismemberment Benefit£4,000£2,000