Individual ECS Assessment Dates at the SELECT offices

The SJIB only facilitates and invigilates the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment on behalf of individuals who are working through recruitment agencies, are self-employed or unemployed.

Upcoming dates for ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment sessions being held and invigilated at the SELECT offices in 2024 are listed below. To secure a date, we would require a fully completed application form and payment.

To order ECS Health, Safety and Environmental assessments, please complete the application, scan, and email to
We do not accept photographed applications, please either scan and email to us or alternatively post to the SJIB, please ensure that the correct postage is applied

22nd of July at 11:30am

5th of August at 11:30am
19th of August at 11:30am

2nd of September at 11:30am
23rd of September at 11:30am

7th of October at 11:30am
21st of October at 11:30am

4th of November at 11:30am
18th of November at 11:30am

2nd of December at 11:30am
16th of December at 11:30am