Guidance on SJIB Holiday with Pay Scheme

Administration of the Scheme

Holiday pay – how it works

This is administered and controlled by the SJIB. Members can pay in any amount monthly or weekly to cover their employees 32 days holiday per year. The SJIB can help with this calculation.

What can be included in the payments?

Payments made into the scheme will cover holiday pay and may also include NAECI pay, staff holiday pay, etc. Such payments must not affect the employees’ gross pay and cannot be deducted from their Contractual earnings.

Payment in to the Company Fund

Members make monthly payments to the scheme via their own special holiday pay account, which is held by the SJIB. Members must quote their account number on all correspondence. Payments can be made either by cheque or BACS into the Member’s account.

Withdrawing from the Company Fund

Members may withdraw monies from their account, providing funds are available, at any time.

Members may wish to draw money for an individual employee or may find it easier to draw a lump sum payment at any given time. Members should complete the standard Holiday Pay Request Form and forward it to the SJIB at least three weeks prior to when they require payment. Payment will normally be forwarded to Members by BACS from the SJIB.

Welfare credit – how it works

Members are required to make a welfare payment for each of their Operatives on a monthly basis to provide for such benefits as Sickness and Accident Benefit, Death in Service Benefit, Dismemberment Benefit, Permanent and Total Disability Benefit.

Making payments into the Scheme

Members will make payments to the scheme on a monthly basis. Payments would normally be made to the SECI by cheque or BACS.

Notification of new starts or leavers

Members will be required to notify the SJIB when they have a new start or leaver, this can be done by email to or to

Claiming benefits for operatives

The relevant benefits may be claimed by Members on behalf of their Operatives providing such Operative has accrued the required amount of welfare credits on his record prior to the claim being made.

Sickness and Accident Benefit can be claimed by completing the standard claim form and returning it with medical certification.

Death in Service Benefit, Dismemberment Benefit, Permanent and Total Disability Benefit can be claimed by notifying SJIB in writing with relevant information in order that the SJIB can forward a claim to their insurers.

More information

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