The Advanced Competence Assessment (ACA) was introduced in 1999 as a path for Electricians who have gained the required level of site experience and wish to upgrade to Approved Electrician. It is comprised of six sections:

  • Risk Assessment & Assessment of Safe Working Practices
  • Safe Isolation of Supplies
  • Inspection & Testing (including fault finding)
  • Supervision (operatives and installation work)
  • Underpinning Knowledge.

If you have two years’ experience as a graded Electrician and want to upgrade, you should complete and return the Statement of Experience to SECTT.

There will be an ACA booklet available in due course.

The statement of experience form lets you share information on jobs you've completed

Statement of Experience

For you to progress to Approved Electrician status, you must have two years of experience as a tradesperson. Download and submit the form below to start your journey to becoming an Approved Electrician! 


Make sure you also download and return the declaration of self-employment form so your ACA application is complete.