FESS Assessment

In order apply for an ECS card as a FESS Systems Operative a pathway specific FESS assessment for the ECS occupation being applied for plus a valid ECS Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) assessment must be held.

The ECS HS&E assessment must be booked and taken separately. More information can be found here: ECS HSE assessment | SJIB.org.uk

There are four multiple-choice assessments available in the following FESS sector disciplines:

  • Fire
  • Fire and Emergency Lighting
  • Security
  • Fire and Security

Applicants MUST sit the correct multiple-choice assessment that corresponds to the FESS occupation that they are applying for. Please note: If applicants require ECS card recognition in multiple pathways, they can sit additional tests.

Emergency Lighting is not currently available as a stand-alone assessment. Operatives requiring this will need to take the combined Fire & Emergency Lighting assessment, along with the Security assessment if additional accreditation is required.

FESS Assessment Preparation


The FESS Assessment is a closed-book assessment. We therefore recommend that an appropriate training course is undertaken before sitting the assessment.

SELECT has developed an online Fire, Emergency & Security Systems (FESS) course, which we recommend and encourage individuals to complete in advance of sitting the FESS Assessment. More information on the SELECT FESS course can be found here: Fire, Emergency & Security Systems (FESS) (select.org.uk)

FESS Industry Sector Discipline example questions can be downloaded below:

The Assessment

Each assessment consists of 30 questions across a range of topics relevant to the chosen FESS occupation to be completed in 30 minutes.

Before sitting the assessment, please ensure to read the SJIB FESS Assessment Candidate Guide.

To book your FESS Assessment through the SJIB Assessment Portal, please click here.

Please note: Before an application can be made for a FESS Systems Operative ECS card both the relevant FESS assessment plus the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental assessment are required.