Candidate Malpractice Policy

Policy Overview

This policy has been introduced to preserve the integrity and independence of the Final Integrated Competence Assessment (FICA). It sets out the SJIB policy and process for managing incidents of malpractice, including collusion.

The SJIB defines malpractice as:

“Any attempt to influence the results or outcome of the FICA through improper, illegal, unprofessional and/or unethical behaviour”.

Examples of malpractice may include but are not limited to, bribery or attempted bribery, intimidation, the use of any unauthorised documents, possession of mobile phones during the assessment and collaboration and/or collusion with other candidates during the FICA.


If a candidate(s) is suspected of any malpractice, the assessor will inform the Centre Manager who will undertake an investigation and report the incident in writing to the Secretary of the SJIB.  

Appropriate action will depend on the circumstances but may include candidates having to resit appropriate sections of the FICA. In serious cases, the assessment will be stopped, and the candidate(s) will have to reapply to resit the FICA at a later stage. Employers will be notified of any malpractice incidents that impact the assessment.


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