Application for Dispensation

Electrical contracting companies who intend to apply wages and/or conditions on certain engineering construction sites in Scotland, which differ from the SJIB National Working Rules, are required to obtain approval (Dispensation) from the SJIB before commencement of the work. This helps to prevent misunderstandings about the conditions after work has commenced.

Online application

You can now complete the Application for Dispensation online by submitting the form below:

Application for dispensation

Section A

Please tell us about your company

About the job

We are tendering for or have been awarded a contract for work as detailed below

NOTE: file upload to be placed, to allow agreement documents to be added to form submission

Section B: NAECI Contracts

The following fields apply to jobs under NAECI agreements only

SJIB Grades on site

Number of technicians/Approved/Electricians

Number of labourers

Number of Apprentices/Adult Trainees (SJIB Rates apply)

Section C: Site or Local Agreements

The following questions apply to jobs under site or local agreements only.

A copy of the site or local agreement must be enclosed with this application unless a copy has already been lodged with SJIB.

NOTE: SJIB apprentices and Adult Trainees must be paid the SJIB rates of pay.

Section D: Declaration

Contractors are required to agree applications for dispensations with a Unite Regional Officer before submitting the Application for dispensation to the SJIB.

This section should be completed by the company seeking dispensation