Feedback Policy to Employers and Candidates

Policy Overview

The SJIB aims to ensure that all feedback given to candidates and employers is consistent and fair and maintains the integrity of the assessment.


Employers and SECTT Training Officers receive a FICA Candidate Feedback Report which summarises results for each Section, thus allowing them to identify areas in particular sections where candidates may benefit from additional preparation prior to attempting their FICA resit.

On occasion, candidates and employers may query the FICA results and may seek information beyond that provided within the FICA Candidate Feedback Report. The first point of contact should be the Training Officer, who should attempt to assist the candidate or employer using the information provided on the report. Where the Training Officer is unable to satisfy the candidate or employer’s query, the Training Officer should contact the FICA Centre Manager where the candidate undertook the FICA for additional information. 

Additional Feedback

Candidates and employers who require additional feedback should submit their request to the Centre Manager within 20 working days of notification of the result of the FICA.


Feedback to candidates, over and above the information provided on the FICA Candidate Feedback Report, is limited to those who have narrowly failed to pass a Section(s). 

Candidates who have attained lower scores than those listed below should be made aware that additional feedback is not available. Candidates should be directed to resources such as the SJIB website and the FICA self-assessment checklist, which is designed to assess a candidate’s competence in key areas and should help candidates prepare for the resit.

Feedback will be given in the following sections for those candidates who achieve over a certain percentage in each section:

SectionAchieved over
Section B – Composite Installation80%
Section C – Inspection & Testing75%
Section D – Safe Isolation of Supplies90%
Section E – Fault Diagnosis & Rectification80%

For feedback on Section F, Centre Managers will contact the SJIB detailing the query and the SJIB will respond.

The Centre Manager will review the query and the results and will provide additional guidance. The Centre Manage will advise the Secretary of SJIB of any change to a result and, where applicable, the result will be amended and the paperwork will be re-issued to the employer and candidate.

The SJIB recognises that some candidates may still wish to query specific points regarding their results and/or where they have genuine concerns about the way the assessment was conducted. In such circumstances, they are advised to submit an appeal to the SJIB. 


Candidates may appeal their FICA results if they have genuine grounds to do so. Information on what constitutes an appeal and on the Appeals Procedure can be found in the FICA Appeals Policy.


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