New SJIB fees from 31 January 2022

Circular 17, 2021: The SJIB national board has agreed on new fees, which will be implemented starting 31 January 2022.

New Network Infrastructure ECS Card

Circular 16, 2021: SJIB announces new Network Infrastructure ECS card to replace existing Datacomms cards

Revised apprentice tool list

Circular 15, 2021: The SJIB National Working Rule section B, Appendix B7, has been reviewed and updated with new hand tool requirements for apprentices and adult trainees.

Changes to Statement of Employment Particulars

Circular 14: SJIB has conducted a review to update and modernise the Statement of Employment Particulars for Apprentices, Adult Trainees and Electrical operatives.

Lodging and retention fee increases

Circular 13, 2021: Update to allowances for lodging and retention fees which increase from Monday, 3 January 2022

National Working Rules: Promulgation

Circular 12, 2021: In this document, we update on the deal SELECT and UNITE the Union have concluded for the SJIB National Working Rules.

New Academically Qualified Person ECS Card

Circular 11, 2021: We are pleased to announce that the SJIB is introducing a new Academically Qualified Person (AQP) card at the end of June 2020.

Apply for an ECS card on the online portal.

Change to the apprentice and adult trainee grading timetable

Circular 10, 2021: We update on upcoming changes to the apprentice and adult trainee grading timetable

Change to National Working Rule

In Circular 9, 2021: We update on changes to National Working Rule (NWR) E.5.5(b) Permanent and Total Disability Benefit