Hidden dangers … put lives at risk

Unfortunately, there is no legislation currently in place to stop someone from calling themself an electrician – even if they have no qualifications.

This dangerous situation puts lives at risk, which is why we’re battling to change it. We’re leading an industry-wide campaign for ‘protection of title’, which would mean anyone claiming to be an electrician would need proper qualifications. Not doing so would be a criminal offence.

As well as helping to improve safety, our aim is to reduce the cost of faulty electrical work that we estimate costs Scotland £120million every year.

Every day, all over Scotland, we find faulty installations in homes and businesses that could be fatal.

£250million of work is being conducted by underqualified electricians


Some lie hidden for years, waiting for a combination of circumstances until a flashpoint occurs.

However, a properly trained and qualified workforce would help towards eliminating these unnecessary risks.

We wish to see improved safety for domestic and commercial consumers by reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities from faulty electrical installation and maintenance work.

The Scottish Government has issued a consultation to establish the scale of defective and unsafe electrical work in Scotland and to obtain views on the potential regulation of electricians.

You can take part in the consultation, and help make Scotland safer by visiting: www.pyetait.com/Regulating-Electricians-in-Scotland

Find out more and help us keep you safer visit, select.org.uk/safer @Regulate_SELECT, or follow the #ItsAShocker on social media.

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